Meet the leadership

  • Sam Rush


    Sam is one of Sonar's co-founders, currently leading the marketing team. Having come from a background of logistics, Sam knows first hand how big of a problem trip optimization can really be. Starting from personally driving around the city cutting lawns, to dispatching trucks hauling commodities and household goods, he has experienced the pains of route planning. Stepping back from his role in Trading and Marketing, he returned to school where he became a software developer where him and Sushant built this passion project.

  • Sushant Borsania


    Sushant is one of Sonar's co-founders, currently leading the technology and software teams. After deciding to pivot his career into technology, he expanded his education and committed to becoming a software developer. While attending school in a new city where there were many major freeways, Sushant found it difficult to navigate between many destinations without constantly checking his map application. Having a problem solving mindset, he took it upon himself to build Sonar for his own personal use.