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Solving for the shortest distance problem across thousands of destinations using Artificial Intelligence in the matter of seconds

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Reasons to use Sonar

A Dispatcher's Best Friend

  • Determine the shortest distance needed to visit as many destinations as you require
  • Split a single trip across many drivers to limit total distance travelled and evenly spread work across your employees
  • Enter a destination as either a specific address or a city name
  • Select if your trip is a one way trip or a round trip
  • Send trips via SMS to your drivers

Do you have access to more than one driver?

  • Our software fairly splits work up between any quantity of employees you have

Don't know how many drivers you need?

  • We can tell you how many drivers you need to minimize total distance travelled


Route Optimization

Choose your origin and all destinations, and how many trips/drivers. We will find you the optimal way to visit each location with all your drivers.

Round Trip or One Way Trip Planning

Need your employees to return to the shop at the end of the day? We can do that.

New: Nearest Neighbour Algorithm

A second way to optimize. Let us determine what the optimal amount of drivers you need will be. Instead of fairly dividing work amongst all your employees, let us determine how many employees you need on any given day. Instead of 3 employees working 6 hours each, maybe 1 employee can get the job done in 9 hours.

SMS and Email

Send each optimized route directly to a mobile device through SMS or Email. The link that is sent will directly open through Google Maps and gives live traffic directions for the planned route.

Save your Trips

Save your trips in your portal to access them later. You get real time update of the route when you load.

Customer Support

Live customer support to ensure you can quickly and easily plan your routes.

CSV and Excel Address Upload (Upcoming)

Rather than manually inputting addresses, upload your CSV or Excel file using our template to cut time on selecting each destination.

Save Addresses (Upcoming)

Save addresses to your account using custom names to make creating your next trip much easier.

New Features

The development of this application is far from over. Stay tuned for new features.

How can we help you?


Landscaper? Delivery Driver?

Create daily routes for your drivers and send the routes plus directions directly to their phones.


Highway Hauler?

Plan your stops to minimize distance and save fuel consumption.

Personal / leisure

Vacation Planning?

Organize what destinations you should visit based on what area of town you will be in on a specific day.

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